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My Services

Sharon Hill is a medium registered by the Lilly Dale Assembly. For more information about Lilly Dale: Click Here! 


Beginning June 2021 in-person readings are available in Lily Dale, NY

Due to the COVID Pandemic, I am offering zoom gallery readings and zoom parties.

Private Readings

  • Due to COVID-19 all readings are currently being offered via Zoom Video, Skype, or by phone.
  • Sharon is a Gifted Medium who will connect you with your loved ones in Spirit!

Gallery Readings

  • Maximum of 20 people
  • $25 per person.
  • Everyone receives a Spirit Message!

Zoom Parties

  • Minimum of 6 people are required to host a party.
  • With 8 prepaid participants, the host/hostess receives a free reading!

My current donation schedule is:
$120/30 minutes recorded
$220/60 minutes recorded

What to Expect from a Reading

Frequently ask Question

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Will I be able to connect to my spirit loved one?

  • There is no guarantee that a specific spirit loved one will come through. That is determined by the spirit world. However, in my experience, we can always get information about someone even if they don’t come through.
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What do I need to do to prepare for my reading?

  • Spirit knows what is on your heart and mind and they know you are coming for a reading. Just come with an open heart and an open mind.
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What happens if the spirit of someone I don’t want to see or talk to comes?

  • We don’t let them in. We don’t always have control over who comes, but we do have control over wether we let them in.
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Can I ask questions during my reading?

  • The best readings happen in the flow with no regard for thought. However, you will have time to ask a question at the end of the reading.
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What if I don’t recognize the spirit coming through?

  • Sometimes it’s out of context, like a friend or neighbor or someone who used to live down the street. We don’t make the connection in the moment. No worries, it may come to you later.
    Also, there may be spirit loved ones we didn’t know but they know us such as great-grandparents, etc.
    If nothing resonates with you within the first 10 minutes we will stop the reading.
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How often can I come for a reading?

  • While every circumstance is different so there are some exceptions, it isn’t advisable to get another reading sooner than six months. There has to be time for growth and change.
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Do you offer 15 minute readings?

  • I only offer 15 minute readings for party bookings and not for private sittings.
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Are phone readings as accurate as in person or zoom readings?

  • Surprisingly, yes they are. They can sometimes be even more accurate as there are no visible reactions to respond to consciously or unconsciously.
    Remember, we are connecting to the Spirit which is non local in time and space.
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Frequently ask Question

Hover over the butterfly to see the frequently asked questions!


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Summer Season Schedule (Jul-Sept)


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What people have to say

Lisa Williams
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I have had readings by many mediums but I have to say that Sharon is one of the most evidential and accurate mediums I know. Not only that, she is compassionate, caring and loving in her approach. It was a pleasure to have a reading with you.
Bill M
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Hi Sharon, I hope all is well with you. A month or two ago one of my coworkers came to you for a reading. She shared the entire reading with me and said it was an incredible experience that was "life changing". It gave her closure, a new perspective and the guidance that she needed.... and there you have it!
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I want to let you know I really enjoyed our meeting. The one thing you told me when speaking about my father was that you came up with the name. There is no way you could have known. Also, the dog sledding and that I love purple flowers, Lilacs. The name, really threw me for a loop. It’s definitely a message from my father who I adored. Thank you.

About Sharon

I believe we are spiritual beings having an earthly human experience. Therefore, we are all connected to spirit. I believe we all have spiritual gifts awaiting our awareness and development upon discovery. If you are here, and you’re breathing, you are connected to spirit.

I believe I was born a natural medium, having accurate recollection of spirit awareness since the age of 2. This was amplified by a near death experience at the age of 4 and further heightened during adolescence. However, it wasn’t until my brother passed into spirit that I was compelled to seek out understanding.

My journey led me to become a Spiritualist Minister through Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, and a Registered Medium through the Lily Dale Assembly.

I believe in the continuity of life and that there is no death!

I believe my highest calling, my purpose and my passion is to be a conduit linking to the world of spirit, and through spirit communication, bring love, truth, healing and understanding of the highest.

It is my great honor and privilege to serve Spirit on your behalf.

Registered Medium Lily Dale